SWFBaz – Fly your swiff with flight master!

September 18, 2006

SWFBaz is a project of invinciblesolutions.biz and it will be releasing soon!

© 2006 SWFBaz.com a project of invinciblesolutions.biz

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SWFBaz converts shockwave flash files into Windows executable (Win32) files to react like real windows applications. These converted executables are equiped with scripting engine to make your shockwave flash files alive. The features supported by SWFBaz engine are never ever offered before from any existing SWF2Exe convertor. You may look into the listed features of upcoming “SWFBaz Pentene Family“. 

SWFBaz Pentene Family feature list:

  • Convert your SWFs to standalone windows executables.
  • Create Installers of your own choice.
  • Create screensavers.
  • Program your projector from inside your Flash ActionScripts.
  • Built-in {bazscript} v1.0 library to support Flash ActionScripts.

Flash ActionScript v2.0:
     // import Windowless object from SWFBaz.System package;
     import SWFBaz.System.Windowless;

      // Define a function as to create windowless anytime;
      function CreateWindowless(title:String, movie:String) {
            var myWnd:Windowless = new Windowless(title, movie);
            return myWnd;

      // call the function
      var theWindowless = CreateWindowless(“The Title”, “C:\\movie.swf”);

  • BazSharp language (Baz# or B# in short) a complete OOP language.

Example: To prompt a simple dialog box. You may write your code in SWFBaz IDE:-

      public class Alert {
            public Alert(string msg, string title) {
                  SWFBaz.System.Windows.MessageBox.Show(msg, title);

  • Built-in FSCommands to support lower versions of Flashplayers.
  • Create your own FSCommands

      if(command == “Alert”) {
             // usage of your custom Alert object
             Alert(args[0], args[1]);

  • Create windowless forms.
  • Asynchronous objects
  • Create your own projector exporter! (your exe makes new exe’)
  • Unlimited Objects, Functions, Properties, FSCommands…. to code with!
  • and many more!

{bazscript} v1.0 Object List:

  • Database (separate connection object, xml/html/text convert)
  • File System (explore your hard-drive)
  • Win32 (fully controled and managable win32 functions)
  • FileStream (reader/writer, binary stream, read/write single line(s))
  • Window (fully controled flash based winform)
  • Organic/Windowless (regardless of flash shape; pixel perfect)
  • Dockable Window (dock your window anywhere on desktop)
  • Taskbar Window (windows taskbar like bars, tool bar in taskbar)
  • IE Toolbar Application (google/yahoo toolbar with flash)
  • Desktop Widget (Windows media player 10 like widget properties)
  • Menubar (With non-windowless)
  • Context Menu (fully customized context menu in place of flashplayer menu)
  • Tray Icon / Tray Menu (context menu, icons, sounds)
  • System Menu (fully customized window system menu)
  • Encrypt/Decrypt (md5, RSA, DSA, SHA1, DES, TripleDES etc)
  • Flashplayer (full controled flash player object)
  • Dialogs (msg box, file open, browsing, directory and so on)
  • Collection (ArrayList, Hashtables etc)
  • Image (image conversion, jpef, gif, png, bmp and others)
  • File Converter
  • Screencapture (save to image, swf, exe)
  • Screensaver
  • Splashscreen (from img, swf)
  • Registery
  • Internet (ftp, http)
  • Socket (UDP/TCP/IP/HTTP)
  • Remoting (http, tcp)
  • Webservice (Any webservice anywhere)
  • Webserver Service (ASP.Net standalone)
  • SWF to Exe (SWFBaz exe convertor)
  • Custom BazScript (create your own objects in Baz#)
  • and many more!

Dear flashians! I have aimed myself to cover everything in SWFBaz that other SWF2Exe tools lack… if you have any comment or suggestion then you may leave your feedback on this blog so i would definitely try my best to make SWFBaz fullfil your requirements.

SWFBaz – Chief Developer